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Why am I an artist?

Hello and welcome to my website!

I have always had a fascination with art; from culinary arts to crafts, writing, and most especially painting! I have tried just about every sort of paint there is on paper and canvas. It began as a small child when I took a huge interest and enjoyment in art class.

I would write my own stories including my own unique picture illustrations pertaining to the story. I absolutely loved it, and as I grew up I began to really take to acrylic painting. First with plain paper and found that acrylic worked great for me and I was best with painting nature landscaping.

This passion makes sense because of my strong love for animals and being outdoors enjoying the beauty of nature. When doing a painting I always enjoy finding what my subject of my painting is, and studying that subject before painting.

Even if it means just sitting outside and staring at a tree with headphones on; listening to my favorite song and taking in the scenery as a whole before picking up my paint brush and letting it flow from my mind while it is still fresh. It sounds silly, I know! Although for me personally the combination of music and the eye candy of Mother Nature brings my mind clarity and peace.

It really clears my mind away from everything; except my subject and when I put it on paper it comes to life! It is a very fulfilling experience for any artist to see a blank canvas turn into something amazing.

Everyone has their own way of doing things of course; and with some patience and dedication you too will find yours!

I am an artist because it is my personal form of meditation. Could it be yours too?

Everyone needs a form of motivation when pursuing art!

It is easy to start a ton of new projects, but can sometimes be difficult in being dedicated and finishing your task. It takes time, effort, passion and focus.

Finding your motivation can really help with your hobby or even turn your love for art into a career if you are willing to work for it. There is no need to over think it; as long as you have the tools you need it can help bring you’re mind at ease and find painting to be more fun than work, as it should be!

Your motivation could be anything that makes you happy. Whether you are a student looking for something relaxing to do to distress from those classes and homework, or a parent whom yearns for a hobby that you can enjoy alone; or have fun some families fun, or both! Even if you’re looking for that special retirement hobby to ease your mind and spend your days enjoying.

Finding the right paint, canvas, paint brush, primer, finishing coat and everything else you need can be hard sometimes. Let me make it easier for you by putting all of your answers into one site!

Whether it be painting supplies, inspiration to help choose your subject, or even learning how to paint.

My inspiration happens to be my beautiful baby girl. Sometimes I have to stop and look at the world through her eyes for a moment.

She brings me motivation, peace, happiness, and truly inspires me to be a better artist today than I was yesterday and to push through with my dreams so I can give her the life she deserves, no matter how hard I have to work for it!


I hope this helps!

The goal of my website is to give artist’ assets to aquire their very own goals, no matter what they may be! I hope to make it easier finding everything you need to be a painter and to follow your dreams!

Painting is a wonderful hobby when you have everything you need to paint that picture in your mind or painting something in front of you that a picture could not justify the beauty of.

A painting can be a heartfelt gift to a loved one, personalized home decor, or it can even be a business and a big money maker! I myself have successfully attended art shows and sold my own paintings at my local annual art show.

It definitely makes it easier for an artist like myself to finish a product when I am prepared for the project. I wish the best of luck to anyone whom reads this in finding your own motivation and tools to pursue your hobbies, goals, and dreams.

Please feel free to comment down below with any questions you may have, or to share your own personal passion with paints or opinions on my posts. I am here to help and open to opinions!





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  1. Thanks so much for all ur wonderful information! This has made it so much easier to decide what I need to get started on my painting. Love the painting of your own! Have a Blessed week!

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